#WantedWednesday: Colonel Byron Conaway

  • Assault w/ a Firearm
  • Assault
  • Excessive Force False Arrest
  • False Imprisonment

In 2011, the city paid $67,500 to settle a claim made by Baltimore resident, Terrell Perkins. Perkins charged that Conaway and additional officers assaulted him unprovoked during a robbery-related interrogation in 2007 after the store where Perkins worked was robbed. Perkins maintained he was “physically battered” by the officers when he tried to leave the room after being told he was not under arrest. Perkins was acquitted of all charges and sued the department.

Source: Baltimore Sun

In 2017, the Board of Estimates approved a $135,000 payment to settle a lawsuit filed by John Rau III, who was shot 1n the leg by Conoway on Sept. 28, 2015.
Conaway jumped out of an unmarked SUV after spotting Rau. Conaway drew his firearm on Rau, who was unarmed. Conaway invoked his right to silence and Baltimore Police have not said what prompted Conaway to stop Rau. The State’s Attorney’s Office cleared Conaway of wrongdoing in early 2016.

Source: Baltimore Sun

#WantedWednesday is a weekly public service announcement that exposes different Baltimore Police officers still employed despite numerous incidents of excessive force, false arrest, harassment, and false imprisonment.

We encourage community members to contact us with stories and complaints about specific Baltimore Police officers so that we can publicly document and expose their behaviour.

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