#WantedWednesday: Ian Dombroski


  • Overtime Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Unconstitutional Policing

In 2011, city prosecutor Janice Bledsoe investigated Ian Dombroski and Robert Quick over allegations that they improperly received overtime payments. They had been signing each other’s overtime slips. Both were serving as deputy majors while being compensated as lieutenants. By contract, officers of their rank were not allowed to collect overtime. Then-State’s Atty Gregg Bernstein cleared both of wrongdoing. In a conflict of interest, Bernstein had represented Quick in a past proceeding. Several months later, Bernstein fired Bledsoe. 

Source: City Paper

On June 3, 2015, during a Martin O’Malley presidential campaign announcement, protests and counter-protests broke out between Black Lives Matter protesters and O’Malley supporters. One protester with a “Stop Killer Cops” sign was quickly confronted by police who threatened to remove her if she continued to disrupt. A supporter contended it was her constitutional right to protest, to which Ian Dombroski said that Federal Hill Park was a permitted area for the rally and those that chose to disrupt it would be entering without permission.

Source: City Paper

Earlier this year, former BPD detective Maurice Ward, member of the Gun Trace Task Force, testified in the GTTF trials of Marcus Taylor and Daniel Hersl that BPD Lt. Christopher O’Ree gave the OK to officers showing up late for work so they could receive overtime pay. Ward said that before joining the GTTF, he learned a lieutenant named Ian Dombroski would authorize eight hours of overtime pay that officers did not have to work, as a reward for officers who recovered guns.

Sources: Baltimore Beat & Baltimore Sun

In March this year, BPD confirmed that Chief Rodney Hill will retire from the department. He was in charge of Internal Affairs and Special Investigation Response Team among other divisions. Alongside this news, new Commissioner Darryl DeSousa appointed Ian Dombroski to Internal Affairs. Former IAD detective Larry Smith says that bringing in Dombroski as Major was part of the problem with IAD. After Dombroski’s appointment, Smith claims “the office was toothless. The guys who should have been afraid of Internal affairs would laugh at me.”

Source: The Real News

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