#WantedWednesday: Detective Valentine Nagovich, Jr.


Dept: Eastern District

  • Accessory to Rape

  • Excessive Force

  • False Arrest

  • Official Misconduct

  • Warrantless Search

  • Planting Evidence

  • Harassment

  • Theft

Jemini Jones and the Southwest Flex Squad:

In 2005, officers assigned to a Southwestern District Flex Squad, including Nagovich, were accused of aiding and abetting Jemini Jones, an officer accused of raping a female suspect in a police station in late 2005. Other charges were brought against Nagovich and other officers for failing to submit drugs and other contraband to evidence control, among other accusations. The second accusation of rape was brought forward in 2007. 

That SW Flex Squad was later investigated by the FBI. Officers were reported to have been stealing drugs and phones from people they had arrested, planting evidence, and making false arrests. 

Source: Baltimore Sun – “Cases Against Police Halted” and “Jones’ rape case ends”

Mark Harrell:

In September 2010, Harrell filed suit against Nagovich and other officers for what, in 2014, U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Blake would describe as “unacceptable behaviour by members of the Baltimore City Police Department, including a warrantless home search……[and the victim’s version of events] adds troubling details regarding police behaviour.” 

Harrell asserted in court filings that he was approached by officers, including Nagovich, who searched and handcuffed him, and was then approached by a Sergeant Donato who fabricated the reason for arrest saying “Let’s take it up a notch, how about a conspiracy?”. In the police cruiser, officers “showed him…what appeared to be heroin pills, asking ‘Oh what do we got here?’”

Harrell was released without charges.  

Source: Baltimore City Paper – “Bad Seeds”

Source: Harrell v Donato

The beating of a 16-year-old:

A 16-year-old boy’s mother filed suit against Nagovich for assault, battery, intentional affliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment for an incident in March 2011. Nagovich claimed he believed the boy “was attempting to assault him” and then struck the boy in the face causing substantial injuries that required surgery. No drugs were found on the juvenile. 

The city settled and the family was awarded $75,000 two years later. 

Source: Baltimore Brew – “City to settle police assault case for $75,000”

Freddie Gray:

In January 2014, Nagovich approached a van in a nightclub parking lot, claiming he smelled marijuana. In the van was Brandon Ross, Freddie Gray, and another passenger. All were charged with misdemeanour possession. Nagovich also confiscated $920 off of one of the passengers. 

A source connected to one of the passengers claims that the $920 was a false report and “it was a lot more than that” and never got it back. 

Source: Justice Policy Institute

Cases with Fabien Laronde:

In association with a motion filed at the beginning of 2016, more than 20 defence attorneys sought the release of internal affairs files for Nagovich who has worked cases with the now-disgraced Officer Laronde.

Source: Baltimore Sun – “Baltimore prosecutors reviewing cases involving police officer”

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