#WantedWednesday: Lieutenant Brian Rice

Dept: Crime Lab (Now), Western District (Then) Murder Abuse of Power Excessive Force False Arrest Witness Tampering Witness Intimidation Destruction of Evidence Harassment Threats of Violence Drunk Driving Reports from the Carroll County Sheriff’s office reveal 7 years of alleged harassment, stalking, and threatening of Rice’s ex-girlfriend, the mother of his child, and her then-husband. 2012: […]

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#WantedWednesday: Darryl De Sousa

  Murder Excessive Force Corruption Fraud Destruction of Evidence Witness Tampering 1990, De Sousa chased down a dirt biker who he claimed had a warrant. The chase resulted in a tense clash that caused the subsequent gathering of a crowd of more than 100 protesting the encounter. The Baltimore Sun referred to it as “a […]

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#WantedWednesday: Ian Dombroski

  Overtime Fraud Corruption Unconstitutional Policing In 2011, city prosecutor Janice Bledsoe investigated Ian Dombroski and Robert Quick over allegations that they improperly received overtime payments. They had been signing each other’s overtime slips. Both were serving as deputy majors while being compensated as lieutenants. By contract, officers of their rank were not allowed to […]

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#WantedWednesday: Captain Charles Thompson

Photo by Reginald Thomas II Excessive Force False Arrest False Imprisonment Abusive Language Harassment Corruption Nine Baltimore activists filed a class action lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department and the State of Maryland related to the #AFROMATION protest during Artscape on July 16, 2016. That day, 65 protesters were arrested when a large march, dubbed […]

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#WantedWednesday: Homicide Detective Mark Veney

Perjury Witness Intimidation Falsifying Warrants Investigative Negligence Influence Witness Testimony Adnan Syed In February 2016, when Adnan Syed’s case was remanded back to the Circuit Court so he could make a case for post-conviction relief, lead prosecutor Thiru Vignarajah called upon Detective Veney for help. The State called a surprise last-minute witness named “Officer Steve”, […]

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#WantedWednesday: Colonel Byron Conaway

Assault w/ a Firearm Assault Excessive Force False Arrest False Imprisonment In 2011, the city paid $67,500 to settle a claim made by Baltimore resident, Terrell Perkins. Perkins charged that Conaway and additional officers assaulted him unprovoked during a robbery-related interrogation in 2007 after the store where Perkins worked was robbed. Perkins maintained he was “physically […]

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