#WantedWednesday: Lieutenant Brian Rice

Dept: Crime Lab (Now), Western District (Then) Murder Abuse of Power Excessive Force False Arrest Witness Tampering Witness Intimidation Destruction of Evidence Harassment Threats of Violence Drunk Driving Reports from the Carroll County Sheriff’s office reveal 7 years of alleged harassment, stalking, and threatening of Rice’s ex-girlfriend, the mother of his child, and her then-husband. 2012: […]

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#WantedWednesday: Darryl De Sousa

  Murder Excessive Force Corruption Fraud Destruction of Evidence Witness Tampering 1990, De Sousa chased down a dirt biker who he claimed had a warrant. The chase resulted in a tense clash that caused the subsequent gathering of a crowd of more than 100 protesting the encounter. The Baltimore Sun referred to it as “a […]

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